Waste2es: Caring
for the environment and
your workforce

Let us help you achieve Net Zero with our
innovative systems and products.
Our onsite food waste technologies enable you to take control of your food waste in a sustainable way and potentially generate renewable green energy.

Take the strain out of lifting heavy loads with our smart bin lifting solutions. We are the exclusive supplier of Simpro in the UK and Europe.

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In partnership with BiOWiSH, we deliver high-performance bio-augmented water and soil treatment solutions for soil and groundwater contaminants.

Identifying a good technology fit can be time consuming

Not when you have us by your side.

We all know that there is no planet B, and companies must do everything in their power to adopt a greener approach.

is on a mission...

…to provide a holistic suite of innovative technologies to reduce the wider adverse environmental impact and carbon emissions. Pick one of our environmentally-friendly food waste management solutions or wastewater, soil or FOG treatment products. Or, protect your workforce from injury with smart bin lifting.

Look after your planet, look after your people.
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organic waste treatment

Food waste management, but not as you know it!

Alleviate the pressure on your business to reduce emissions, comply with zero waste to landfill regulations and make a profit at the same time from a simple onsite approach to food waste management with Waste2ES. Keep it local!

Want to know how much you save?

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Our food waste
management systems

Collectively, the Waste2ES team hold many years of experience in developing commercial waste and energy projects. Our systems, designed and built in the UK, cater to businesses of varying sizes:


Businesses who want to protect their workers from bin lifting injuries use Simpro.

Integrate industry-leading bin lifting and tipping equipment into your bin lifting process.

Save time, reduce costs and protect your workforce, keeping your H&S report lifting-incident free.

Options include both manual and electronic operation. Get ready to upgrade to bin lifting and tipping technologies today.

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Our range of Simpro bin lifters

Smart lifting solutions so only the machines take the strain and your workers avoid back injuries and other lifting hazards.

Dumpmaster ®

From as little as
£50 a week


Ezi-MT ®

From as little as
£20 a week


Multi-Tip ®

From as little as
£35 a week


MegaDumper ®

From as little as
£100 a week

These indicative weekly costs are based on a mid-range machine with standard configuration on a 36 month finance lease via Admiral Leasing.

Lift heavy loads at
heights up to 4 metres
as standard.*

*Systems with higher tip
capabilities are available
on request.

The most effective environmentally friendly waste water, soil and FOG treatments

Improve your day-to-day operations in areas of efficiency, sustainability, and hygiene.

Whether you are a municipally owned corporation, a manufacturing unit, a food producer/grower or a foodservice operator with wastewater, FOG or soil problems, BiOWiSH® products can help you.

Wastewater and soil treatment done right

Our range of wastewater treatment products is designed to eliminate the problem, not mask it.
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Reduce sludge and odour in municipal and industrial wastewater with BiOWiSH® AQUA.

Starting from £15/week

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biowish odour landfill


Remove odours completely in water treatment and composting facilities with BiOWiSH® ODOR.

Starting from £51/month

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biowish aqua fog pipe


BiOWiSH® AQUA FOG breaks down FOGs permanently, preventing reformation and fatbergs.

Starting from £3/day

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The Waste2ES blog

Stay up to date with the latest energy solutions, food waste management tips, and company news

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Converting food waste to power just got more affordable.

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