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from food waste

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Converting food waste to power just got more affordable.

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Food waste is a fact of life

But it could be converted into a more cost-efficient service that saves you money.

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Food waste is rarely viewed as a potential solution for cost-saving or revenue generation. More generally, it is seen as a problem to be dealt with and an associated expense. Paying others to take away the waste creates no resultant revenue for your business. It doesn’t have to be like that. Our systems help businesses of varying sizes handle food waste management and recycling efficiently (and profitably). We can turn your food waste into a valuable resource by using innovative technologies like anaerobic digesters to create green energy.

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Small-scale systems

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Our systems

Collectively, the Waste2ES team holds many years of experience in developing commercial food waste and energy projects. Our systems, designed and built in the UK, cater for businesses of varying sizes:

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Small-scale systems
Large-scale systems

Can't see a system to meet your requirements?

Don't worry, we can configure a system to suit your exact needs

Take a long, hard look at how you manage food waste

Our systems give you power. Our systems give you revenue. If your business has a costly food waste disposal issue, our free tool will help you identify the system that best suits your food waste management needs:
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4 reasons to choose us

Most businesses don't realise they can benefit from a professional approach to food waste management. That's where we step in:



We help you save money.

Paying others to take away food waste is costly in many ways. Our systems are priced to deliver benefits from the start and achieve an ROI in under three years.


We give you power.

Your food waste can be used to generate electricity for your own use. Make more significant savings by using your own electricity when the grid charges you more.


We give you control.

We ensure client success by bringing sustainable, affordable, innovative solutions to the market while giving control back to you.


We help you see the benefits.

To manage food waste more effectively, increase your recycling rates, reduce CO2 emissions, and move towards zero waste to landfill.
save energy save money

The Waste2ES blog

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Converting food waste to power just got more affordable.