The most effective
environmentally friendly waste
water and soil treatments

Municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater contains a range of
impurities and, therefore, requires custom solutions to treat it properly.
Similarly, food producers need to preserve the soil’s nutrients and boost yield
potential, and that also requires external support.

Using only natural products that work at source, these BiOWiSH® solutions
create positive shifts in the microbiome to rebuild beneficial microbes that
get to work immediately.
Whether you are a municipally owned corporation, a manufacturing unit, a
food producer/grower or a foodservice operator with wastewater, FOG or
soil problems, BiOWiSH® products can help you.
Waste2ES takes pride in being an exclusive partner of BiOWiSH® in the UK. The
products are 100% biodegradable and have no adverse impact on
water quality, plant and animal life, or soil quality.
Since 2007, BiOWiSH® has been a pioneer in engineering and delivering bespoke wastewater treatment solutions, which can be used across establishments and sectors to treat surface water (canals, lakes, and rivers) and municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater treatment solutions, and kitchen drainage systems.
They also specialise in developing solid, water-soluble advanced microbial solutions for mixing with the soil to optimize its fertility. The BiOWiSH® team has arranged for many treatments worldwide and, with Waste2ES, aims to make a difference in the UK market with effective wastewater treatment solutions and soil treatment products.

Be a part of the green movement with Waste2ES

BiOWiSH®’s manufacturing policy is in sync with Waste2ES. Their goal is to restore quality to the
world’s water and soil resources. Just like us, they are committed to minimising their impact on the
environment by limiting their energy use and carbon footprint as much as possible.

Unify nature and science to reinvent
the way water and soil is treated with Waste2ES.

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