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Sustainable fat, oil and grease removal from wastewaters with BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG

Here is a sustainable way to break down FOGs permanently; prevent reformation and fatbergs.

All foodservice operators will agree fat, oil and grease (FOGs) are unavoidable by-products of food preparation and meal service. They accumulate over time and are largely insoluble, forming a layer over the wastewater, and decreasing dissolved oxygen (DO) content. BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG actively accelerates the biological removal of FOGs, and keeps the pipelines clean.

Available Sizes: 33g Puck, 100g sachet,1kg, 5kg & 10kg bulk powders.

Clear FOGS for as little as £3/day

How BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG works

FOG is a real problem in the world of catering. BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG is a natural solution that delivers incredible results. It is specially formulated for wastewater or influent streams with fat, oil, and grease content over 100 mg/L. Regular use significantly improves the efficiency of aerobic treatment systems, grease traps, oil-water separators, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) units. Enable sustainable fat, oil and grease removal from wastewaters.

Aqua FOG uses

drains & grease traps

Drains & Grease traps


Food processing

lift stations

Lift stations and sewage networks

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BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG Safety
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Product Spec Sheet

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Jo Kinsella

Centre Manager at The Arcadian

We take our environmental policy seriously and have worked with the team from Waste2 to implement a “Best Practice” of treating our drainage infrastructure with BioWish Aqua FOG, a biological system that not only prevents drain blockages it consumes the FOGs preventing reforming beyond our property thus making the drainage around us better for Birmingham.

Since the implementation of Aqua FOG across the site, we are very pleased as to how clean and clear our drainage system has quickly become. We will continue to use Aqua FOG pucks, as they will help reduce vermin and drainage maintenance issues.

How did we help

"The Arcadian" - the Birmingham based multi-venue hospitality space - effectively deal with their FOG problem?

Features and benefits:

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Pre-treats influents in collection systems by reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), and total suspended solids (TSS), depending on the available retention time.

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Controls odour — operates as an effective Facultative Anaerobe, minimising the emission of volatile organic compounds in grease traps.


No detrimental effects on the environment, humans, plants or animals.

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Minimises aeration requirements; boosts energy savings.

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Ease of use — Dependent on your application, you simply dose by a small puck or tablet or through dissolving in bucket or pail and dispensing into the drain.

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Works on the solids, fats, oils, and greases to avoid blockages in the pipework; keep hefty fines from the water companies at bay.

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Speeds up solids degradation in grease traps, which eliminates sludge production, deep cleaning & pump out costs.

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100% natural, non-toxic and sustainable.

Unify nature and science to reinvent the way
water and soil is treated with Waste2ES

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