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BiOWiSH® Crop - Soil treatment for farming

This is an advanced microbial solution that improves crop yield while restoring soil fertility, helping farmers produce more consistently.

Sustainably increasing crop production without further depleting the soil or reducing the crop value is a challenge for farmers. Our  BiOWiSH® Crop is the answer to that problem. It stimulates the natural processes extending soil fertility and optimising yield potential.  BiOWiSH® Crop works in overall operating conditions so farmers can constantly see positive results.

Enhance the value of your crops with  BiOWiSH® Crop.

Available Sizes: 100g, 1kg, 5kg & 10kg bulk powders.


How BiOWiSH® Crop works

Our soil treatment for farming contains a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. The unique bacteria strains are fermented in our multi-phase proprietary manufacturing process, thus creating stable, consistent biology. The solution comes in a solid, soluble formulation for on-farm application and a liquid formulation for fertiliser manufacturing. It can be mixed with liquid fertilisers at your fertiliser manufacturer to create an enhanced efficiency fertiliser or applied to an extensive range of fertilisers and fertiliser fillers. BiOWiSH® Crop is made from naturally occurring organisms that are not genetically modified. In other words, BiOWiSH® Crop adds microbes to the soil, which helps increase the micro-nutrient uptake in plants and stimulates microbial activity in the ground.

Crop uses

extend soil fertility

Drip irrigation

restore damaged soil


soil restoration farming in the uk

Tractors or
ground rigs

bagpack sprayers

Backpack sprayers

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BiOWiSH® Crop
Product Overview

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BiOWiSH® Crop
Data Sheet (SDS)

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BiOWiSH® Crop
Product Spec Sheet

Features and benefits:

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Salinity up to 35,000 ppm

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Directly applicable to the odour and emission source


Effective across a broad range of organic materials

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Improves soil productivity

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Optimal performance as temperatures increase

biowish® crop

Enhances root development

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100% natural and non-toxic

Unify nature and science to reinvent the way
water and soil is treated with Waste2ES

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