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BiOWiSH® Odor - the ultimate odour neutraliser

Removes rather than masks odours in water treatment, landfill & composting facilities

While the harmful emissions in areas like a landfill, composting sites, and animal production units pose a hygiene problem, foul odour is also concerning for operators and local residents. BiOWiSH® Odor has the unique capability to operate within an acidic environment and digest odour molecules in their dissolved or gaseous state.

Give that foul smell the boot with BioWish Odor today!

Available Sizes: 100g, 1kg, 5kg & 10kg bulk powders.


How BiOWiSH® Odor works

The organic odour neutraliser works rapidly to eliminate odours at the molecular level by altering decomposition in their gaseous state and accelerating the natural degradation process. Unlike most bacteria that become less effective at pH levels below 4.5, BiOWiSH® Odor operates in acidic conditions, where the natural decomposition process has come to a halt and acidosis has occurred.

That means once the enzymes come into contact with the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they react biochemically and break the VOCs down into their inert and odourless compounds – thanks to the organic odour eliminator.

Odor uses

landfills odour eliminator


feed mills odour eliminator

Feed mills

composting sites odour eliminator

Composting sites

industrial wastewater odour eliminator

Industrial operations

animal-production-unit odour eliminator

Animal production units

lift stations

Water treatment facilities

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Features and benefits:

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Fast-acting and is highly effective on a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

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Directly applicable to the odour and emission source


Operative even at low dosage rates

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Eliminates odour completely rather than simply masking it

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Delivers a longer residual effective period

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100% natural and non-toxic

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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BiOWiSH® Odor is an odour neutralizer. Landfills, composting sites, and animal production units emit harmful substances that pose a health risk and unpleasant smells that can be a nuisance to operators and local residents. BiOWiSH® Odor has the special ability to work within an acidic environment and effectively break down odour molecules, whether they are in a dissolved or gaseous state.
BiOWiSH® Odor is the solution to unwanted odours in various settings, including landfills, feed mills, composting sites, industrial operations, animal production units, and water treatment facilities.

BiOWiSH® Odor works at the molecular level to eliminate odours by speeding up the natural decomposition process and altering it in its gaseous state. Unlike most bacteria that lose their effectiveness below a pH level of 4.5, BiOWiSH® Odor operates in even the most acidic conditions, where normal decomposition has come to a halt and acidosis has set in.

When the enzymes in BiOWiSH® Odor come into contact with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they react biochemically, breaking down the VOCs into their odourless and inactive components.

The recommended dosage of BiOWiSH® Odor is 3 g per tonne of waste. This dosage should be adjusted based on the specific site conditions and treatment objectives. To ensure optimal results, a minimum of 50 L of water should be used per kg of BiOWiSH® Odor. For sites receiving less than 30 tons/day, a minimum of 100 g of BiOWiSH® Odor should be mixed into 100 L of water and used within 48 hours.
Open the BiOWiSH® Odor package and mix it with the appropriate amount of water in a tank. The amount of water required will depend on the specific site, and there should be enough water to ensure complete coverage of all newly deposited waste material during all hours of operation. To facilitate the dosing or spraying of BiOWiSH® Odor on the waste, connect the pump outlet from the water tank to a hose and use a variable range coarse spray nozzle. This will help ensure that the mixture is evenly distributed over the waste. Spray the active mixture of BiOWiSH® Odor on the newly deposited waste, ensuring complete coverage. This should be done daily prior to applying any daily cover to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

To maintain the shelf life of BiOWiSH® Odor, it should be stored in its original packaging in a cool, dry location that is protected from direct sunlight and humidity. Once the packaging is opened, it is important to keep the product in a dry and airtight container to prevent activation.

If BiOWiSH® Odor is mixed with water, the active mixture should be used within 24 hours to ensure its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to mix only the amount of BiOWiSH® Odor that will be used within this timeframe to avoid wastage.

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