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To prevent food waste and provide food to those deprived of it, several UK charities and mobile apps have been stepping up to take charge of food surpluses.

Waste removal workers deal with hazards like vermin, exposure to toxins and heavy bin lifting. Here’s how they manage those issues or avoid them completely:

Efficient food waste management is critical because of climate change. That’s why both individuals and businesses need to do their bit.

Food waste has far bigger impacts than just people going hungry. It’s responsible for 8% of GHG emissions worldwide. Shocking, isn’t it?

Skips are thus a practical and economical solution for food waste and rubbish management. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when investing in a skip:

At Waste2ES, we believe that how you collect and handle the waste is as important as recycling waste. Safeguard your workers with Simpro’s bin-lifters!

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