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Curbing food waste is likely to be challenging as restaurants grapple with serving customers during the pandemic. However, there are opportunities as well:

Anaerobic Digestion in the food and drink sector – how is this technology playing its part in combating food waste? Let’s find out:

New technologies are being developed worldwide that can play a crucial role in reducing food waste across all stages of the supply chain. Let’s have a look:

While Anaerobic Digestion has only recently come into mainstream focus, its principles have been applied for centuries. For instance, rotten organic waste produced biogas, which was used to generate heat for bathwater in many communities, such as the Mesopotamians in Assyria as early as 900 BC. However, it was only in the 17th century that … Read more

Since the beginning of the lockdown in the UK in March, the waste industry has been impacted significantly despite the sector receiving key worker status. According to a survey by ADEPT, 90% of Household Waste Recycling Centres shut down within the initial few weeks, while overall municipal waste increased by 20%, and commercial and industrial … Read more

Food waste is at the top of the UK’s agenda and considering we waste £9.7 billion of food every year, it is not hard to understand why it is a problem to be handled at the earliest possible time. Of course, the best remedy would be to reduce as much food waste as possible at … Read more

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