Food waste recycling solutions for the grocery retail sector

The consumer demand for food variety inevitably results in waste despite intensive procurement scrutiny. Food waste that cannot be redistributed to support charities or animal feeds is sadly, unavoidable.

grocery sector food waste management and solutions
food waste recycling solutions for grocery sector
grocery sector food waste management and solution
food waste recycling solutions for grocery

Grocery retailers work closely with suppliers to ensure product availability is in line with customer demand. However, if we factor in simple things, such as a change in the weather when stores have stocks of BBQ food sitting on the shelves while it rains heavily outside, food waste management hits the bottom line.

Even with the best-optimised return logistic processes in place, food waste is an ongoing and escalating issue, mainly as it tends to be mixed and contains packaging. Its removal is costly too.

The good news is whatever type of food waste you have, packaged or unpackaged, Waste2ES can provide food waste recycling solution. Our systems can treat food waste, on-site, via innovative technologies such as our iD-R-5K Compact Anaerobic Digestion system which converts your food waste into energy (and revenue), sustainably and ethically. Do you want to know more?

Address food waste produced by your grocery retail business smartly. Cut costs, generate renewable energy and boost your bottom line with our systems.

why Waste2ES

Why Waste2ES

Depending on which system you choose for your business, we deliver the following

Cost savings and revenue generation

Reduced risk of odour and vermin attraction

Residual conversion into heat and power (volume-dependant)


Reduce food waste volume by up to 70% in less than 24 hrs


Elimination of food waste to landfill


A range of funding options, including rental available, backed by a comprehensive MSA

Improve your food waste management strategy with Waste2ES

Take a long, hard look at how you manage food waste

Our systems give you power. Our systems give you revenue. If your business has a costly food waste disposal issue, our free tool will help you identify the system that best suits your food waste management needs:
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1. Choose your bin size

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2. How many do you fill with food
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Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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