Food waste management for the hospitality and leisure sectors

As growth in hospitality, leisure and tourism continues its upward curve, it brings with it an ever-increasing need for better, more efficient food waste management practices. Operators are getting creative with their food offerings, and a variety of choice often increases food waste.

Smart business practices have also brought about ethical sourcing and eco-friendly packaging to meet environmental targets at a time when like-for-like sales and profit margins are under intense pressure.

hospitality industry food waste recycling
food waste management solutions for hospitality sector
hospitality industry food waste management
food waste management for hospitality industry

Coupled with environmental pressure to avoid landfill and the associated risk of pest attraction and odour, operators are disposing of food waste through costly waste removal services.

Investment in an on-site food waste technology can turn this situation into an opportunity for food waste recycling to create energy and reduce costs.

Embracing technologies that help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, save costs and help you generate revenue in the process has to be the way forward.

The good news is our systems directly and positively impact the environment in which your business operates. With our help, you can increase your recycling rates, move towards zero waste to landfill, and more.

Let innovative technologies like intelligent aerobic digestion deal with all your food waste disposal needs. We ensure savings and transparency go hand-in-hand.

why Waste2ES

Why Waste2ES

Depending on which system you choose for your business, we deliver the following benefits:


Cost savings and revenue generation

Reduced risk of odour and vermin attraction

Residual conversion into heat and power (volume-dependant)


Reduce food waste volume by up to 70% in less than 24 hrs


Elimination of food waste to landfill


A range of funding options, including rental available, backed by a comprehensive MSA

Improve your food waste management strategy with Waste2ES

Take a long, hard look at how you manage food waste

Our systems give you power. Our systems give you revenue. If your business has a costly food waste disposal issue, our free tool will help you identify the system that best suits your food waste management needs:
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1. Choose your bin size

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Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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