Taking the lead on environmental best practices in shopping centres

Whether you own an event-size retail complex or a shopping centre, or managing your food waste needs is necessary to keep your business running to optimum efficiency and, of course, to maintain cleanliness in the public space. Do you have the support of modern systems and products to operate more sustainably? Waste2ES does.
shopping centres food waste management
recycling solution for shopping centres
recycling solution for shopping centres
Food waste recycling solution for shopping centres

Shopping centres are always bustling with tens of thousands of visitors who often spend an entire day taking advantage of various brands under one roof. Many have multicultural food halls — a gastronomic destination for shopaholics and foodies alike. The footfall produces a lot of waste, including food waste, that needs careful disposal.

In addition to food waste, onsite food preparation also means fats, oils and greases (FOGs), the unavoidable by-products of food preparation and meal service, find their way into the drains and subsequently begin clogging the pipelines.

Finally, the heavy volume of beverage containers, packaging, and general post-party refuse generates enough rubbish to send your employees back-and-forth to dumpsters multiple times a day.

Waste2ES has a remedy to the problems. Leverage our onsite Aerobic and Anaerobic Digesters, wastewater treatment products, and smart bin lifting solutions to eliminate food waste going to landfill, break down FOGs permanently, and enable bin-lifting securely, respectively. Do not let anything impact the profitability of your business. But be mindful of your impact on the environment.

If your shopping centre is on a mission to effectively tackle food waste and fatbergs and ensure workforce safety, join hands with Waste2ES!

why Waste2ES

Why Waste2ES

Depending on which product or solution you choose for your business, we deliver the following benefits:
Minimise greenhouse gas emissions
Deploy mechanised systems to lift, carry and tip the load
Redeploy residual compost-like output into green spaces, encouraging soil improvement
Install a food waste solution that repurposes your organic waste for onward conversion to energy
Avoid blockages in the pipework and hefty fines from water companies
Access a range of funding options, including rentals. Backed by a comprehensive Managed Services Agreement (MSA)

Take a long, hard look at how you manage food waste

Our systems give you power. Our systems give you revenue. If your business has a costly food waste disposal issue, our free tool will help you identify the system that best suits your food waste management needs:
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1. Choose your bin size

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2. How many do you fill with food
waste per day?

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4. We recommend the
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Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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