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Airports, cruise ships and train stations can be busy. And for onsite caterers, the volume and pace of footfall can be challenging enough, let alone separating an extra stream for safe bin lifting and waste recycling. Achieving environmental targets in limited space can feel impossible. Not with Waste2ES.
food waste management solution for the travel industry
food waste recycling solution for the travel industry
travel sector food waste recycling
food waste recycling solution for travel industry

The majority of your foodservice operations in the travel and tourism industry generate a considerable amount of food waste, often at a high cost to their bottom line. Couple that with the unavoidable generation of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) that clog the pipes and permeate a foul smell – and you can have multiple problems on your hands.

Keeping rubbish away from the public arena is vital and ever more so in today’s environment. The pandemic has made us more hygiene-conscious, and we want the public spaces to be especially spick-and-span. There is a need to appropriately collect and empty rubbish into a skip bin. Your workers must have the right equipment and gear to carry out these tasks.

That is where Waste2ES can make a difference! Use our onsite Aerobic and Anaerobic Digesters to convert food waste into power, degrade fatbergs and help move solids through the drains quickly with our wastewater treatment products, and lastly, empty bins safely with our smart lifting solutions. All under one roof!

Commit to responsible facility practices with a focus on environmental sustainability today. Drive operational efficiency with Waste2ES.

why Waste2ES

Why Waste2ES

Depending on which product or solution you choose for your business, we deliver the following benefits:
Minimise greenhouse gas emissions
Deploy mechanised systems to lift, carry and tip the load
Redeploy residual compost-like output into green spaces, encouraging soil improvement
Install a food waste solution that repurposes your organic waste for onward conversion to energy
Avoid blockages in the pipework and hefty fines from water companies
Access a range of funding options, including rentals. Backed by a comprehensive Managed Services Agreement (MSA)

Take a long, hard look at how you manage food waste

Our systems give you power. Our systems give you revenue. If your business has a costly food waste disposal issue, our free tool will help you identify the system that best suits your food waste management needs:
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1. Choose your bin size

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2. How many do you fill with food
waste per day?

3. You produce this much food
waste per day


4. We recommend the
following system(s)

Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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