Interview with BiOWiSH® Technologies: Restoring quality to the world’s water and soil resources

Unless you live under a rock, you will agree that industrial, municipal and commercial wastewater contains a range of impurities and, therefore, requires custom solutions to minimize its impact when discharged.

Since we are obsessed with doing good for the environment, joining hands with BiOWiSH® Technologies, a US-based biotech solutions company for the agriculture, aquaculture and environmental management industries was a no-brainer.

BiOWiSH®’s manufacturing policy is in sync with WasteES. Their goal is to restore quality to the world’s water and soil resources. Just like us, they are committed to minimising their impact on the environment by limiting their energy use and carbon footprint as much as possible.

Using only natural products that work cooperatively with active microbial environments, BiOWiSH® solutions such as BiOWiSH® Aqua, BiOWiSH® AquaFOG and BiOWiSH® Odor create positive shifts in the microbiome to rebuild beneficial microbes that get to work immediately.

When we approached Commercial Water Treatment Director Juan Carlos Verardo at BiOWiSH Technologies for this interview, we knew there would be much to say about the products and how they make a difference in the environment despite being 100% natural and chemical-free.

Let us see what Juan Carlos had to say:

Team Waste2ES: Please tell me about the products (Aqua, Aqua FOG and Odor) that Waste2ES is acting as the UK distributor for. What makes these products stand out from the competition?

Juan Carlos Verardo: Our BiOWiSH® products are composed of all-natural, non-genetically modified materials. The technology deployed is effective across a range of biologically relevant environmental conditions such as salinity, temperature, and pH.

If we talk about BiOWiSH® AquaFOG for example, it accelerates the biological removal of fats, oils and grease (also known as FOG in the industry) from water bodies, resulting in improved water quality. This technology is really helpful for various types of wastewater applications.

It uses live microbial cultures to generate the required enzyme chemistry in situ, resulting in rapid FOG degradation and preventing downstream solidification of fats. This ensures that pipeworks remain free-flowing.

It is completely different to the traditional solutions which tend to appear to solve the problem at the source but actually just move it further down the pipework — creating blockages and increasing organic loading somewhere else.

BiOWiSH® AquaFOG is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic water treatment product that achieves high denitrification rates in aerobic treatment conditions, eliminating the need to depend on biomass solutions in the activated sludge.

BiOWiSH® AquaFOG comprises the same powerful biological consortia as our BiOWiSH® Aqua product. It significantly improves the efficiency of dissolved air flotation units, aerobic treatment systems, grease traps, and oil-water separators.

BiOWiSH® Odor’s job is simple — it eradicates odours in water treatment and composting facilities rather than masking them.

The BiOWiSH® range of products stand out because they solve the problem, eradicate it, rather than appearing to fix it in the short term.

W2ES: Why did you choose Waste2ES to work with?

JCV: Waste2ES is a trusted partner and has years of experience in developing industry-leading technologies. We were happy to develop tailored solutions for a company that is a leader in sustainable food waste management across multiple industries.

W2ES: How were you selling your products into these markets before W2ES was appointed?

JCV: BiOWiSH Technologies has over 50 distributor partners worldwide. Our products are only available through these trusted partners who, in turn, offer support and valuable feedback to improve our formulations continually.

We are thrilled to add W2ES and their group of professionals to this growing network and look forward to doing the greater good for the environment.

W2ES: Are there any synergies between BiOWiSH Technologies and W2ES that you identified?

JCV: Oh, yes. There are! BiOWiSH Technologies looks at our field partners as an extension of our development team playing an essential part in applying our technology, gathering consumer and industry feedback, and future product development.

The partnership with W2ES combines years of technical expertise in the food processing industry with BiOWiSH’s innovative natural solutions, providing cost savings through environmentally safe biology.

W2ES: Why should someone buy a Biowish AquaFOG or Aqua?

JCV: The BiOWiSH® products are convenient to use and deliver consistent, reliable results across a broad range of field conditions. Our products are available in powder form and have a shelf life of three years. The products come ready to dose, enabling ease of use.

Moreover, each BiOWiSH®product comes with its own set of features and benefits. For instance, BiOWiSH® Aqua decreases sludge production, reduces sludge removal expenses, and pre-treats wastewater influents in collection systems. It is 100% natural and non-toxic, restores water quality, and removes (rather than masks) odours in dirty waters.

On the other hand, BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG is a boon for those in the foodservice industry, such as commercial kitchens which have to deal with FOG, an unavoidable by-product of cooking foods such as dairy products, meats and oils.

Benefits of BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG include reducing sludge production and handling, increasing plant capacity, and improving plant stability. BiOWiSH Odor has the unique capability to operate within an acidic environment and digest odour molecules in their dissolved or gaseous state.

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