The people who work at Waste2ES share the vision of creating a better place for future generations.

We work hard towards enabling businesses to regain ownership of food waste and convert it into revenue.

Simply put: we are a reliable and trustworthy partner that delivers the true value of food waste back to the people.


Andrew Tuffield

A qualified accountant with a strong background in financial services. Passionate about what we do and hopeful of a more sustainable, less wasteful future. Driving honesty, fairness and transparency in business. Enjoys seeing more of what’s around us and the odd round of golf.

Richard Harland
Managing Director

Has a wealth of technical experience in food waste technologies, specifically around aerobic and anaerobic digestion. A family man with a passion for motorcycles, Richard also gives his time to mentoring young people wishing to join the UK Armed Forces.

Stephen Horrey
Financial Director

Ardent driver of community-led approach. A true ambassador of community focus and giving back locally. Years of experience and knowledge in international business communications with a passion for making the planet a better place. Member of the local Rock choir, community volunteer, and enjoys keeping busy.

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Did you know?

did you know

We at Waste2ES believe all food should be valorised, not wasted.

Your food waste is valuable. Let us help you to keep that value yourself.

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