Food waste is rarely viewed as a potential driver of cost-saving or revenue generation

It is usually seen as a problem to be dealt with and an associated expense. Even those businesses that understand its use to generate power are paying others to take it away from them and receive no financial benefit themselves.

Waste2ES uncomplicates food waste management for its clients and gives them the power to benefit financially and environmentally.
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Our purposEĀ is to provide innovative technologies to enable our clients to convert an ongoing and escalating cost and the subsequent environmental impact into an opportunity and improved environmental performance.
our vision
Our Vision is to help our clients gain control over their food waste and its potential revenue.
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Our Mission is to continue to develop industry-leading technologies, known for reliability and quality.

our strategic goal

Our STRATEGIC GOAL is to be the go-to provider for all food waste solutions across all markets in the UK.

Waste2ES was founded by like-minded people who are passionate about creating a cleaner environment for future generations.

With the drive to bring innovative, financially viable food waste management solutions to the market, we collectively merge our experience and strengths within the industry to enable this to happen.

We believe in putting the
cost-benefit of repurposing food waste back in your pocket.

Supporting our clients each step of the way through excellent customer service is like second nature to us.

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Here’s what our services ensure:

  • Elimination of food waste removal costs
  • Appropriate planning for imminent legislative changes
  • Support for CSR drives, while providing a solution that will generate revenue from a cost
  • Reduction in vermin issues and odour
  • A waste management solution that is easy to use, with no significant increase in labour
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Did you know?

did you know

We at Waste2ES believe all food should be valorised, not wasted.

Your food waste is valuable. Let us help you to keep that value yourself.

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