Waste2ES is a dynamic force for global sustainability and improving the lives of all people. We invite you to join the movement!

The pressure on businesses across industries to reduce emissions, comply with zero waste to landfill regulations, ensure worker safety, and deploy correct sustainable solutions for wastewater and soil treatment is at a peak.

Waste2ES uncomplicates how you care for the environment and your workforce with versatile systems and solutions.

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Our purpose is to help businesses achieve Net Zero or carbon negative by identifying a good technology fit supplemented by us.
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Our Vision is that our clients are enabled to convert costs into revenues wherever possible — without hampering the environment or worker safety.
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Our Mission is to provide a holistic suite of innovative technologies to reduce the adverse environmental impact and Scope 3 carbon emissions.
our strategic goal
Our STRATEGIC GOAL is to be a friendly expert and the go-to choice for onsite Aerobic and Anaerobic Digesters, wastewater treatment products, and smart bin lifting solutions across markets.

The people who work at Waste2ES share the vision of creating a better place for future generations.

We collectively merge our experience and strengths in all sectors to enable businesses to play their part in the green energy movement with our offerings.

We believe most people
know there is no planet B and that companies are committed to adopting and promoting green modernisation.

Supporting our clients each step of the way through excellent customer service is our "plan A."

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Here is what our offerings include:

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did you know

We at Waste2ES care for the environment and your workforce.

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