Rectify your grease trap issues with BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG

If you are in the foodservice industry, you will agree it is a nuisance to deal with fat, oil and grease (FOG), an unavoidable by-product of cooking foods such as meats, oils and dairy products. No matter how hard you try, modern cooking technologies such as Bratt pans, steam convection ovens, and the like contribute to FOG entering the drainage infrastructure.

Grease traps play their part, but the result is not pleasant to deal with because of the sheer volume entering the system, and you can wind up with unexpected costs in addition to odours.

Fats, oils and grease are mostly insoluble. As hot, liquid FOG accumulates in the water through sinks, underground pipework and drains, it brings down the dissolved oxygen content. Worse, when FOG solidifies, it ends up blocking (and even damaging) the grease trap and sewer pipes.

This causes problems in the downstream wastewater treatment process and can be highly expensive to rectify, costing some businesses up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Moreover, FOG accumulation can attract extra fines and processing fees. Thankfully, there is a solution to manage this issue, and it is called BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG.

What is BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG?

New to the UK market through Waste2ES, the revolutionary product accelerates the biological removal of fat, oil, grease and sediment food solids. It delivers various bio-catalytic materials that degrade contaminants into granular and simpler forms until they are removed from the water. Yes, removed, not just broken down to reform further down the pipe.

This is the same process and pathway of natural decomposition, simply speeded up. It is completely natural and has no detrimental effects on the environment, humans, animals, or plants. Let us explore BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG in greater detail:


  • It reduces insect odour attractants.
  • It works on FOG to transform it into biodegradable carbon resources.
  • It reduces the need for chemical additives and brings down aeration requirements, thus improving energy savings. 
  • It is natural and non-toxic, which reduces the presence of nitrates, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. 

Delivery systems

BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG is drip-fed through a dosing pump and mixing tank. It is used in grease traps, food processing, lift stations and sewage networks. A tablet dosing system is currently in the works.

grease trap

Goals and uses

The product has multiple features designed to tackle FOG accumulation and related problems. Different commercial kitchens might have different waste goals. Let us take a closer look at how BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG can help:

1. FOG removal: With added tensioactive agents, the sledge-reducing product is engineered to disintegrate FOG levels above 100 mg/litre.

2. Odour control: As an effective facultative anaerobe, BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG helps reduce the emission of odours in grease trap systems.

3. Preventing pipework blockage: It breaks down and removes the solids, fats, oils and grease that get stuck in the pipework.

4. Reduce excess sludge generation: BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG speeds up the degeneration of solids and thus lowers the cost of pumping out sludge.

5. Ease of application: It can be drip-fed via a mixing tank or dosing pump.

Environmentally friendly

Biowish is 100% biodegradable and has no adverse effect on plant and animal life, water quality or soil quality.

Tests have demonstrated that it is non-toxic in the recommended dosage quantities and that there are no long-term adverse effects of using it.

Available sizes

The product is sold in packets of 100g, 1kg, 5kg and 10kg.

How BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG works

It has a powerful biological consortium, with the addition of tensioactive agents specifically designed to target fats, oils and grease. It considerably enhances the efficacy of grease trap systems, aerobic treatment systems, oil-water separators and dissolved air flotation units.

BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG comprises natural surfactants that increase the biodegradability potential of FOG in water. These organisms can rapidly express lipase and esterase enzymes and quickly degrade ester bonds so that FOG material can become an energy source for existing biology.

BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG uses live microbial cultures to generate the necessary enzyme chemistry, which leads to FOG degradation and prevents the downstream solidification of fats, freeing up pipes.

Put your grease trap issues at bay

W2ES is an exclusive partner of BiOWiSH Products. To find out more, please visit, call 01442 503929 or email Improve your day-to-day operations in areas of efficiency, sustainability, and hygiene.

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