How Paramount Waste Extraction used the Simpro Dumpmaster in their waste removal process

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Paramount Waste Extraction is a renowned specialist in paper and board extraction and removal processes. This case study looks at how they introduced the Simpro Dumpmaster as an integral part of the waste removal process for one of their clients.


The problem

The end-user client of Paramount Waste Extraction Ltd, MM Packaging, is a world leading folding packaging company. Their factories process around 850,000 tons of cardboard and paper annually and are consistently looking for improvements in the way they operate.

Part of the production process at the new Deeside factory sees a range of rejected folded cartons as the various production lines are set-up. The customer was taking these rejects from the lines and placing them in wheeled bins. As the bins were filled, they were taken manually and emptied into a large steel bin. A forklift truck was used to move the steel bins to be emptied into an open-top skip. When this was filled, a waste paper merchant took the large skip away for recycling.

This process was time consuming, involved excessive manual handling and a large volume of waste was carried away in a vehicle on a regular basis.

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What we did

Paramount Waste Extraction was brought in to review the process and specify one that was more effective. As a specialist in waste handling air systems, they had identified a process that uses an Ulster Shredder and an airflow to extract shredded waste to a remotely sited baler outside that compacted the carton material into dense bales. As the bales of paper are created, a forklift truck is used to load the bales onto the waste paper merchant’s 40’ trailer, and once the trailer is completely filled it’s collected, with the paper bales being taken to the paper mill to be recycled.

For similar processes, Paramount had previously used a bespoke bin lifter to move bins containing waste carton board and paper products from various machines to empty into the shredder hopper. However, their research identified the Simpro Dumpmaster as a more suitable bin lifter and an approach was made to Waste2ES as the UK distributor.

The advantage of using Waste2ES is they are able to adjust the bin lifters to ensure they meet the specifications of their clients. In this case, Waste2ES designed and manufactured a cradle adaptation to accommodate the clients existing non-standard waste bins. This adaptation negated the requirement for the client to change from existing waste bins and practices.


The result

A manually intensive process has been replaced by one that involves little manual intervention. The filled bin is rolled to the Simpro Dumpmaster which lifts the bin to the correct height and tips the waste board into the shredder hopper. The Paramount system then shreds, removes and compacts the board in a seamless and clean manner. The dramatically smaller volume of waste necessitates fewer trips by the waste paper merchant, as the material is now in compact, dense bales rather than an open top skip. The client has saved in financial, personnel wellbeing and environmental terms: fewer people are now involved in moving the waste around, there is a much lower chance that they will incur any injuries in the movement of the bins, and far fewer vehicle journeys are made by the waste paper merchant.

The Simpro Dumpmaster was the final piece to be identified in the fitted system but it has become an integral part of this particular waste extraction solution.

“What the client said

The Simpro Dumpmaster with its compact design and simple but effective lifting mechanism looked to be an ideal solution to raise the wheeled bins of rejected carton products into the new Ulster Shredder machine at the MM Packaging site in Deeside. The sales team at Waste2ES were able to give us options on the most suitable machine to handle the end user’s non-standard wheeled bins and offer a lifting device that married with the shredding machine and hopper perfectly. Paramount are extremely pleased with the end result, achieved using our many years of experience and proven design principles to integrate the various specialist technologies with clear input from our suppliers. We would definitely contact Waste2ES again for any bin lifting requirements to deliver materials into our waste extraction systems. MM Packaging are also very pleased with the operation and effectiveness of the new system and the savings that the new asset is making at their Deeside factory.

Simon Long
Paramount Waste Extraction Ltd

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