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The Arcadian is a Birmingham based multi-venue hospitality space comprising 10 restaurants serving a range of global cuisines, 7 bars, 2 coffee shops, 2 hotels, a comedy club and 15 other outlets.

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The problem

Being a multi-venue hospitality space, the infrastructure, particularly around catering waste and drainage, has its challenges.

With the high number of food service establishments, food processing and cooking for thousands of visitors means a lot of washing up. The drainage system is old and over time, fats, oils and greases have built up to cause issues with blockages and odour. Despite the restaurants doing their best to prevent it, FOGs were causing problems that more traditional solutions had failed to resolve.

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What we did

Having reviewed the drainage infrastructure and the grease management systems across the site, the evidence was clear that a new method to manage this issue was required. We implemented a regime of treating each food service outlet with 2 x BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG pucks each day, dispensed into either an open drain downstream of the grease-trap or into a wash sink up-stream of the grease-trap.


The result

Over the 6 weeks of the trial the drains were transformed and an inspection at the end of the trial showed clean drains with no wall crusting, removal of FOG build up or blockages, and no odour. The overall result was a drainage system that was significantly cleaner and sanitized.

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“What the client said

“We take our environmental policy seriously and have worked with the team from Waste2 to implement a best practice of treating our drainage infrastructure with BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG. This is a biological system that not only prevents drain blockages, it consumes the FOGs, preventing reforming beyond our property and thus making the drainage around us better for Birmingham.

“Since the implementation of BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG across the site, we are very pleased as to how clean and clear our drainage system has quickly become. We will continue to use BiOWiSH® Aqua FOG pucks, as they will help reduce vermin and drainage maintenance issues.”

Jo Kinsella
Centre Manager,
The Arcadian - Birmingham

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