Safeguard your Workers with Simpro’s Bin-Lifters

Suppose you are a facilities manager and responsible for looking after your manual workers’ health and safety. In that case, you will agree that they may face many hazards every day — ranging from chemical exposure to vermin. Something possibly overlooked in the list of hazards is high lifting frequency, which can result in a range of injuries.

Imagine picking up heavy bins day-in, day-out manually. Does that not sound physically taxing to you? It is. But that is the reality for your workers, and what they do is a much more dangerous job than you might even realise.

Muscle strain — whether it be back, hips, shoulder, elbows or wrists — is extremely harmful in the long run. So are spinal damage and hernia.

Repetitive lifting and handling of heavy bins can take its toll on the best of us. Your workers are no exception. Their health and safety is more than ticking a box — you need to put steps in place to ensure they can undertake their work safely.

What if you could eliminate the risk by enabling your workers to use our bin tipping products to empty rubbish bins to skips? Whether they tip the bins outdoors or indoors—it does not matter—all they have to do is leverage the unique tipping action that lifts the bin straight up.

Pick smart bin-lifters for your workers

At Waste2ES, we believe that how you collect and handle the waste in the first place is as important as recycling waste. That is why we are pleased to act as Simpro Handling Equipment’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, giving you easy access to their industry-leading bin lifting and tipping equipment. Backed by sophisticated in-house design and fabrication capability, our smart lifters can be put to good use across establishments and industries and work with standard-sized wheelie bins. Waste collectors have a challenging job, and they must be given the right equipment and systems to do it safely. Simply handing them some gloves or sending them on lifting and handling courses will not cut it.

Bottom line: YOU need to help your workers stay safe on-the-job

With Simpro’s smart lifting equipment, you can ensure a better (and a safer) working environment for your waste collection workers and lower absenteeism levels, which will positively influence your brand reputation.

Bin lifting and tipping equipment is easy-to-use and means they can carry out their work safely and cleanly. Are you intrigued? Check out our Simpro catalogue today, or call us on 01442 503929 for more information.

Let us work together to make worker safety a priority in 2021.

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