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250 kg lifting capacity, robust galvanised steel construction, full-cage guarding

The first mobile wheelie bin lifting equipment on the market, they are famous for safely emptying any bin at any height by leveraging their unique electro-hydraulic mechanism.

Features and benefits

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dumpmaster dimensions
ModelDM0700*DM1200DM1500DM1800DM2100DMxxxx (custom)
Tip Height700mm1200mm1500mm1800mm2100mmEnquire with Waste2 Environmental Systems via
call: 03301 756699
Length1170mm door closed / 1834mm door open
Capacity (max bin weight)250kg
PowerBattery | Solar | 1-phase mains | 3-phase mains | Compressed air
IP RatingIP56 | IP66 | IP 69K
Safety Perfomance LevelISO13849-1 | AS/NZS4024 | Performance Level c | Performance Level d | Performance Level e

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The DM0700 model is normally specified as the Dockmaster variant, optimised for emptying bins from elevated loading docks and platforms.


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Dumpmaster® user manual

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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The Dumpmaster is the first of its kind on the market and is known for its ability to safely empty bins up to a height of 6000mm through its proprietary electro-hydraulic mechanism.

Its “Tipping Bin Dumper” is a versatile device used for various applications such as pouring food ingredients into mixers and emptying rubbish bins into skips. The Dumpmaster has a unique tipping action that lifts the bin straight up and rolls it upside down over the receptacle.

The bin lifter requires less than 1m2 of floor space regardless of the tipping height and comes with standard full-guarding and door interlock systems. It can be optionally certified to various safety standards, such as ISO13849 and AS/NZS4024.

The Dumpmaster requires minimal maintenance and is designed for long-lasting operation. Regular checks and lubrication are recommended to ensure optimal performance.

The Dumpmaster can be used in dozens of applications, from pouring food ingredients into mixers to emptying rubbish bins into skips, making it a highly versatile tool for any facility. It’s suitable for outdoor use due to its galvanised cradle and frame and is proven to be economical and reliable to operate.

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