Smart lifting solutions for the circular economy

The first step in a successful waste management process is the collection and handling of the waste.

Sure, our environmentally friendly and cost-effective iD-R systems process food waste and puts the control back in your hands, but how you collect and handle the waste in the first place can also present cost savings.

That is why we are pleased to act as Simpro Handling Equipment’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, giving you easy access to their industry-leading bin lifting and tipping equipment.

Bin-lifter picker

Alongside our cost-saving food waste management systems, our SIMPRO bin lifters can give you the power to lift heavy loads, thus saving time, money, and also keeping your H&S Team happy
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1. Choose your bin size

2. Choose your tipping


3. How many do you fill with food waste per day?


4. You produce this much
waste per day


5. We recommend the
following bin lifter(s)

Since 1986, Simpro has developed a range of smart lifting solutions that enable efficient waste management. Backed by sophisticated in-house design and fabrication capability, these smart lifters can be put to good use across establishments and industries and work with standard sized wheelie bins.


Universal EN840 wheelie bin wash frame


250kg high-speed mobile bin lifter with
full-cage guard


65kg economical hand-winch bin lifter


150kg high-speed mobile bin lifter


600kg mobile bin lifter for large commercial bins
Simpro’s manufacturing and operational policy is aligned to Waste2ES in that they commit to minimising their impact on the environment, and they work to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint as far as they can. They are also focused on meeting current best practices on recycling and waste minimisation – just like us.

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