Aerobic digestion systems


Irrespective of which system you choose, reduce the volume of food waste by up to 70%, thus saving money for your business.

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our process for food waste recycling

Designed to integrate into your food service operation seamlessly, the iD-R accelerated aerobic digestion system reduces the volume of food waste by up to 70%. But unlike the more common food waste dryers, it consumes less energy. More so, all systems are integrated with a shredder, so compostable crockery and cutlery need not be segregated as they will become part of the high-calorie residue. Please have a look at our process to see how easy it will be.

Whether you choose to OPEX or CAPEX one of our systems, especially if you add on the power-generating element, you will see your P&L flourish. All of our systems come with a Managed Services Agreement backed by a Service Level Agreement designed and contracted by both parties. The offer is turnkey and available over 3-5 years so that you can budget accordingly.

Each system is supplied with food collection receptacles and the residual disposal receptacles, a housing (if required), full training and support around-the-clock. We are with you every step of the way.

food waste recycling

The process

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Our initial discussions with you will help us assess your waste stream. We will check for variables that allow us to identify the system best suited for your establishment.

We also provide a footfall analysis of waste that helps us integrate the system as seamlessly as possible, and a site survey to set out the plan clearly.

Points of discussion include:

Following the analysis from The Fact Find, we will present you with two commercial options to choose from - outright purchase or rental.

Delivery, installation, and commissioning

Our turnkey offer includes service and support. You have no exposure to breakdown costs, parts and labour or digestate disposal.

How it works

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iD-R-250/iD-R-500 is a compact, accelerated aerobic digestion system designed to process organic food waste on-site. It is equipped with a loading hopper-sized to accommodate approximately one-third of your daily input in a single load as a buffer – you don’t have to ever worry about overloading!

An integrated shredder rationalises your food waste to smaller bite-size pieces to assist with digestion, much like when we chew our food after which the process of advanced aerobic digestion begins.

A unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria and carefully balanced climatic conditions support the process. Within 24 hours, the food waste is reduced by up to 70% to digestate, the low moisture, soil-like compound.

The whole process is automated and designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes with minimal operator input, i.e., simply load the hopper and walk away. If you have opted for the ReS module, this digestate is fed into the systems feed unit for conversion to renewable energy.

Cost savings and potential revenue

As with all Waste2ES systems, our small systems (iD-R-250/500/1000) improve your bottom line by reducing the cost of waste disposal, cleaning up the process of food waste, and enhancing your recycling performance.


iD-R reduces the volume of waste by up to 70%. It eliminates food waste collections, and the integrated shredder can save you money on confidential shredding. (The shreddings form part of the residue which is 100% secure.) The requirement for pest control is minimised, thereby creating additional savings.

If through The Fact Find, it is established that a business case for ReS is viable, then energy can be created from the residue of the process. The options are a biomass boiler to produce heat and hot water, or CHP to produce electricity, heat and hot water, thus creating sustainable revenue.

Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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