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Aerobic Digestion System

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CAPEX or Opex

Take back control of your food waste management with our iD-R-500 food waste aerobic digestion system, and retain its value. This super unit crunches through double the volume of its smaller relation but still retains a compact footprint.

Perfectly suited to larger restaurants, leisure operators, hotels and healthcare with regular volume mixed waste food management requirements. No need to segregate and it can even cope with low levels of packaging.

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Benefits of the iD-R-500

It eliminates the odour that emanates from food waste, keeps pests and vermin away.
You see a reduction in food waste disposal costs.
Stop food waste going to landfill, and prevent the creation of methane and other harmful gases.

Create power from
your waste

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Add the ReS module to your iD-R and fully realise the opportunity food waste presents to your business. ReS utilises the digestate as a fuel which results in heating, hot water and electricity. Your food waste disposal costs are eliminated, your utility costs reduced, and your profits increased.

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Cost-benefit calculator


Cost benefit calculator



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Operation type

Continuous aerobic digestion

Fully automated with the integral shredder



Thermophilic (60-75C nominal)

Power supply

415VAC 16A

Addition of iD-Res for energy production



1315 mm


810 mm


2900 mm

Consumption (average at capacity)

2.5 kW

Service interval


Weight empty

480 kg

Weight - loaded

980 kg

Max input rate/24 hours

500 kg

Min output rate/24 hours

100 kg

Delivery vehicle

Side curtain loader with forklift

The process

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Our initial discussions with you will help us assess your waste stream. We will check for variables that allow us to identify the system best suited for your establishment.

We also provide a footfall analysis of waste that helps us integrate the system as seamlessly as possible, and a site survey to set out the plan clearly.

Points of discussion include:

Following the analysis from The Fact Find, we will present you with two commercial options to choose from - outright purchase or rental.

Delivery, installation, and commissioning

Our turnkey offer includes service and support. You have no exposure to breakdown costs, parts and labour or digestate disposal.

How it works

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iD-R-500 is a compact, accelerated food waste aerobic digestion system designed to process organic waste on-site. It is equipped with a loading hopper-sized to accommodate approximately one-third of your daily input in a single load as a buffer – you don’t have to ever worry about overloading!

An integrated shredder rationalises your waste to smaller bite-size pieces to assist with digestion, much like when we chew our food after which the process of advanced aerobic digestion begins.

A unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria and carefully balanced climatic conditions support the process. Within 24 hours, the waste is reduced by up to 70% to digestate, the low moisture, soil-like compound.

The whole process is automated and designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes with minimal operator input, i.e., simply load the hopper and walk away. If you have opted for the ReS module, this digestate is fed into the systems feed unit for conversion to renewable energy.

Cost savings and potential revenue

As with all Waste2ES systems, iD-R-500, you can improve your bottom line by reducing the cost of waste disposal, cleaning up the process of food waste, and enhancing your recycling performance.


Converting food waste into power just got more affordable

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