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solar power kit

Solar power kit

Depending on which smart lifter you use, fit it with a solar panel that includes digital regulator and adjustable steel mounting.
bin hook kit

Bin hook kit

Attach the bin hook kit to your smart lifting solution at any height and secure the machine in place against a hopper or skip. We offer different versions to suit different bins.
safety door kit

Safety door kit

If your smart lifter has cage guarding, install a safety door (e.g. right or left-hinge door, roller door, swing door) for better protection. Maintenance of such safety doors differs from model to model.
smart lifter accessories

Tipping chute kit

If your smart lifting machine can’t be placed beside the destination receptacle, install the tipping chutes onto the frame. Folds up out of the way when not in use.
control panel kit

Control panel kit

Fit the operator controls anywhere on the machine for safety – in remote locations or on a pendant control. Fit dual-hand controls to prevent the operator from carrying out other interactions while using the machine.
Smart lifter accessories waste2es

Stainless steel construction

Fully or partially construct your smart lifter from 304-grade stainless steel; make it suitable for corrosive or hygiene-critical usage such as chemical manufacturing or food processing.
polycarbonate kit

Polycarbonate kit

Fit unbreakable polycarbonate plastic guarding in place of the standard 25x25mm wire mesh guarding, or an operator guard panel (splash shield) adjacent to the controls for protecting the operator when tipping liquids.
auto cycle kit

Auto-cycle kit

Fit an auto-cycle controller to mains-powered machines so that the operator can move away while tipping. We even offer a full-authority digital control unit, enabling complex programmable behaviours or interaction with other equipment.

Other options

– Digital scales to accurately weigh the product once it is emptied –
– Compressed-air power for flammable environments –
– Additional guarding (for e.g. front-guard panels, foot-guard panels) –
– Custom designs better suited to unique industrial requirements –

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