We are now the official UK and Ireland distributor for Simpro Handling Equipment Ltd

We are pleased to announce that Waste2ES is now the UK and Ireland distributor of Simpro // Smart Lifting, a leading bin-lifting equipment manufacturer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 1986, the family-owned company has made a name for itself in the global waste management industry by manufacturing high-quality bin lifting equipment.

In the UK, specifically, their popular bin-lifting equipment, Dumpmaster and MegaDumper, are known in the market for being safe, fast and reliable. They are used across a wide range of industries but come into their own in the food waste management industry where their inherent design means heavy and full bins can be lifted with ease and tipped into our range of systems.

Simpro develops and sells smart lifting solutions to businesses in various industries such as waste management, food processing and warehouse logistics.  In addition to their range of lifters they produce a wide range of associated products such as fork-lift trucks, order-pickers, stackers and goods lifts, and also offer custom design and engineering services. Its products stand out due to their intelligent design and the unconventional approach to solving materials-handling problems.

The high-quality range of bin-lifters by Simpro looks like it has been designed keeping in mind our iD-R systems! We are excited to offer yet another benefit to our clients. The best part is all of the Waste2ES systems can be operated with a Simpro bin-lifter. That means the heavy and messy manual handling gets eliminated from the waste removal process.

The Simpro bin-lifting equipment is available on our website along with a useful calculator which assesses a user’s volume of food waste and bin usage. It also recommends the most suitable bin lifter to the user. You can check out the products here.

official uk and ireland distributor for simpro handling equipment ltd

Since Simpro is also oriented towards the circular economy and are passionate about smart engineering, and we are gradually gaining popularity across sectors in the UK through our food waste recycling solutions, the Simpro partnership could not come at a better time!

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